Testimony of Aliysa Chong Sai Mui

20 Mar

On 13 March 2011 Aliysa Chong from Muar was baptised at Tangkak BP Church after she had removed all her idols and paraphernalia from the family altars. Below is her testimony of her life before conversion and salvation.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our Lord Jesus for saving my life. When my late mother conceived me, she did not want the baby to come into this miserable world. She tried various ways to abort me but failed. As a result, I was born very weak and half retarded and spent more time in the hospital than at home. I could not talk until I was seven years old. Neither was I able to walk properly till I was nine years old. In the first half of my primary school days, my late father had to carry me to school every day. I was very ‘slow’ in all my studies. School life was never a joy to me during those days. Nevertheless, with the combined efforts from both my parents, teachers and some unforgettable friends, I managed to complete the primary school education.

Then my father decided to send me to a convent school in Singapore to continue my studies. He was of the opinion that it would be a better place to give me a stronger foundation – especially on the English language. And of more importance, he was hoping that this arrangement should be able to help me to lead an independent life. Therefore spent I three full years there. I learnt a lot from the nuns who rendered me abundant help. School life was no longer boring and tedious. I was able to enjoy myself in almost all the activities offered there. I can still remember the happy hours playing volleyball and practising karate with my classmates. Those were indeed happy and cheerful days. Alas!, those days were not to last for long.

Next, came my marriage but instead of the much hoped for happiness, sadness and troubles seemed to flourish in my life. Firstly, my relationship with my mother-in-law was not good at all. This unpleasant relationship was further strained by the manipulations of my sister-in-law. And to make matters worse, my husband turned to gambling in the face of the frustration and disappointment created. He spent more time in the gambling dens than at home. He lost all his earnings as a teacher and built up debts for which I had a very hard time trying in vain to settle. Many of our well-meaning friends came forward to help but to no avail because they too were suffering in the same boat.

My husband and I then turned to seeking solace and comfort in all types of religious faiths. We dived into the teachings and philosophy of the ‘Bahai’ faith. With equal enthusiasm we embraced the ‘Sai Baba’ faith – spending hours of our precious time until we managed to master singing the ‘Hindu barjan songs’. Then came the ‘Taiwan Tao’ movement, also known as the ‘Yikuan Tao’ and we find ourselves engrossed in its practices. My husband even went to the extent of making a trip to Singapore to meet their so-called “elders” from Taiwan. I can still remember their famous slogans for the initiates, “Your name is struck off from the list to be doomed for hell and registered in heaven.” So engrossed were we in it that we actually
became vegetarians for two solid years. We abstained from meats, especially pork. Almost at the same time, we also embraced the Japanese ‘Soka Karkai’ faith. We chanted the “Lotus Sutra” until the wee hours of the morning.

We also went deep into the teachings and philosophy of Buddhism. About nineteen years ago, I came across a well-learned and enlightened Tibetan monk. I admired him because of his brilliant preaching. I can still recall his famous saying, “If you know what you are doing is wrong and still you want to do it, you will suffer for the rest of your life in hell.” Two years later, one of our staunch Buddhist friends became a Christian and told us that the Lord Jesus saved his life in the U.S.A. We all laughed at his ‘foolishness’. It wasn’t long before our group became officially separated and dispersed.

Around the year 2001, my husband got to know a Mr. Andrew Hau from the Muar Seven Days’ Adventist Church. He often visited us and fetched us for worship almost every Saturday. We were quite happy for a period of two years. However, he was transferred to Ipoh but not before giving us a Bible as a souvenir.

Finally, by God’s wonderful grace, my husband was brought to the Tangkak BP church by Bro. Chan. I followed to attend the worship service at Tangkak off and on. I couldn’t attend regularly because of my poor health. I was depressed most of the time and overwhelmed by fear. Things took a change for the better after the Christmas of 2010. Preacher Yap and Bro. Chan came to my house to minister God’s word and God’s truth set me free from the bondage that I was in. About 3 months ago, I decided to remove the many Buddhist idols and statues from the family alter.

One fine day, Preacher Yap and Bro. Chan helped to remove the idols and statues. Preacher Yap declared the gospel to me before leading me in the sinner’s prayer. With the idols removed, I thought I had dropped off my last burden. I reckoned I could be free and should be happy at long last. But things were not as I what I hoped and expected. My so-called Buddhist friends shun us. I was left so lonely, stressed up and totally depressed. I broke down and cried bitterly. Three times I fell down. As a result I could not walk properly. I also injured my head. But thank God the doctor said that I was fine and merely prescribed me some Panadol tablets. Preacher Yap visited us again and encouraged us with the word of God. He told me to pray sincerely to God.

Last week, my niece called to tell me that the person who scolded me for removing the idols became very ill. Upon hearing this, my husband called him straightaway. He was delighted to receive our call and requested us not to forget to pray for him. Two days later, my husband again managed to discuss about Christianity. This time he promised to give a serious consideration when he comes to Muar.

In conclusion, my God bless and uphold every Christian brother and sister. Amen.


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